Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Merry Christmas today, celebrating Jesus' birthday with family and friends.

I feel so blessed this holiday season...and plump! Our son, Steven, just made us the best prime rib Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Oh my. Call me Mrs. Claus.

The above picture is of my sister-in-law and brother's Christmas tree. We celebrated downstate this past Sunday with my side of the family - the Kok Family.

I can't be Mrs. Claus. I have a wedding right around the corner for these two festive cheerful people - our other son, Riley, and his fiancee, Lindsey.

I LOVE those Christmas vests!

I LOVE the look on faces as recipients (young and old) open their gifts.

This is fifteen-year-old Jake sporting his new coat. He shivers in the cold. Now he'll be toasty.

This is Jesse and Delta or Delta and Jesse. I forget now which is which. They are such darn cute puppies. I couldn't keep my hands off them. And no, the dog on the left is not stuck.

I LOVE these guys!

(Missed you KennySue!)

Merry Christmas!
God bless you all out there - everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Just A Few More Deer Camp Pics and Then I Promise I'll Quit...

I finally made the time to clean pictures off my cameras and organize them. (An ongoing feat.) I came across some from my deer blind and I thought I would share one last time

For this year anyways. Wink.

The above is literally the crack of dawn on opener morning. My blind faces east.

And, of course I had no deer to watch, so I watched the day unfold.

On day five I had this mother and deerling sneak in.

Something alerted them. I thought it was me, but it wasn't. It was something much more sinister and it wasn't even holding a gun.

It was a wabbit, I mean rabbit.

The deer took off to the west.

The rabbit took off to the south scurrying around my blind not sure where to hide.

I think they surprised each other!

A little excitement for me!

But then I took a deep sigh, sat back, and dreamed of seeing this out my blind window- only with horns.

You can see more of the above deer on a previous post. Click here.

And I posted the recipe Layered Veggie Casserole With Crushed Pork Rinds on Cabin Cleaver today. Yum! It doesn't get any more backwoods than that!