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Hi, I'm Debi.

These days my husband and I live 8 months out of the year in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. People frequently ask me, “What do you DO in the UP?” (For those of you unfamiliar with “UP”, it is pronounced Yoopee, and it is short for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.) So now I am a Yooper. :)

However, I left family and friends below the Mackinac Bridge. If you live below the bridge, you are considered a troll. So, back to the question.  I’ll try to let you in on my attraction to this peaceful peninsula, show you in words and pictures "What I Do" up here while I do the things I love most: blog, cook, take pictures, hike, travel, fish, hunt, camp and write - not necessarily in that order.

In Michigan my husband and I live in what use to be our hunting cabin, back in the woods, next to the Hiawatha National Forest and the winding Pine River. We are constantly on the move, hence the title of this blog: The Walking Stick. Back in 2011, when I began this blog, I had a posse: three dogs ranging in age from eleven to six years old. Sadly, the oldest dog, Tess, is no longer with us. But Ike and Bear are going strong and are now roughly 12+ years old. Tessy and Bear were mother and daughter. Ike was a stray who decided to stay. You'll see them quite frequently on this here blog. I also have a grand puppy named Gus who now lives in Chicago. You'll see many photos of him, too! We also have two wonderful grown sons, a wonderful  daughter-in-law and our first grandaughter in 2017. Life is so good!

For the past 6 years my husband and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to house sit for four months out in the great state of Wyoming. Oh how we love Wyoming, too. We are blessed to live in our two favorite places and have accumulated many many wonderful friends. While here, I will also share with you in words and pictures the beauty and wildlife of this state.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy The Walking Stick.


Tess, Bear, and Tessy

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