Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our Anniversary Weekend at the Grizzly Den Log Cabin

We stayed at the Grizzly Den log cabin last weekend because #1 It was our anniversary and #2 We wanted to get things ready for firearm deer hunting season which starts on Tuesday. Last week the tamaracks were still beautiful.

But all week the yellow needles that were ready to take the plunge softly let go and floated down to the ground, and today the winds are blowing every last needle that has been clinging on to the pine branch for dear life into the next county.

And not just the tamarack needles have fallen but so have all of our leaves which now cover our two-tracks and paths with colorful nature-made carpet.

The dogs enjoyed their time there, taking naps in the sunshine by the river...

...and riding along with us when we went to refresh the deer bait.

Steve and I swept out our deer blinds.

I had Steve go in mine first to check for spiders and mice. All was good! Except for the 256 mosquitoes buzzing around. We sprayed and that took care of that problem with my blind.

But not with Steve's blind - pictured above. He always has mice in his so he set up traps and found out this morning they licked the peanut butter clean off the traps without setting off the traps! Glad I don't have that problem!

We watched a bunch of ducks play around on the river. We couldn't tell what kind of ducks they were because they wouldn't let us get too close but they had funny shaped heads. Maybe they'll come back so I can snap a picture of them.

And for our 35th wedding anniversary, Steve grilled us up some steaks and I heated up some corn. Real simple. I like that!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lake of the Clouds

Last month we took a ride to the western side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to visit the Porcupine Mountains. The above lake is called Lake of the Clouds. The colors were peaked, if not beyond peaked, but it was still beautiful.

We had never been to the Porcupine Mountains before. But being a lover of the Big Horn Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, I would say the Porcupine Mountains are really very big hills.

This picture was taken at Summit Peak. That is Lake Superior in the distance. This point is 1,958 feet above sea level. When we are out west in Wyoming, the town of Buffalo is over 4,000 feet above sea level (4,636 to be exact) and it just goes up from there. So like I said the Porkies (the Porcupine Mountains' nickname) are really big beautiful hills!