Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mackinac Island Winter 2019

Steve and I had the opportunity to go to Mackinac Island on our snowmobiles twice this winter. We just followed the discarded Christmas trees which line the ice bridge. People cross by snowmobile, foot and fat tire bikes. All credit for these pictures go to Steve.

There I am sharing the road with the horses. That is the Grand Hotel in the background.

I'm being passed by another snowmobiler while Steve takes a pic. That is Fort Mackinac up the hill behind me. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island except snowmobiles. Though we did see a county plow truck, a large loader hauling away snow from main street, and a sheriff driving around the island in a truck.

Like everywhere here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mackinac Island has a lot of snow. In the distance you can see the Mackinac Bridge.

So many snowmobiles...There are only two restaurants open on the island during the off-season. On this day many visitors wanted lunch!

On our way back to the mainland!

On one of our trips to the island, we encountered this scene in the town of St. Ignace. Nobody got hurt except the snowmobile. Yikes.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Happy Hour Bar and Restaurant in Hulbert Michigan

Most people call it the "Deer Bar", but the official name is The Happy Hour. The deer yard up here for the winter months and you can enjoy a beer or your beverage of choice while watching the deer chow down on corn and hay.

George is throwing out corn.

And they LOVE it. They come in from all directions.

If you're ever in the UP during winter, stop by the Happy Hour and enjoy a burger (or something else off the menu. They have a great prime rib dinner on Friday nights, too.) while watching these amazing creatures enjoy their meals right out the window.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Stormy Weather...

Oh my goodness! What a winter we've had up here in the UP of Michigan. Steve plows pretty much every day.

Church was cancelled yesterday because Saturday night we had freezing rain. I heard it bouncing off the windows around 2:00 am. Last night our blizzard warning went into high gear. WOW!

We get a bit antsy here if we can't get out, so we made the attempt today with the truck in four-wheel drive even though the county plow didn't get here until 5:00 pm today. Those guys sure had their hands full! We salute you! Thank you!

Our dog, Bear, loves the high snow banks. She just puts her face in the window when she wants in.

And she loves to dig holes in the snow for her to nap in. She is part Lab and big part husky. And of course she's watching Steve snow blow again.

All is good. Need a nap now.

The snow is still blowing. I doubt there will be school tomorrow. But it sure is pretty. I keep telling myself that...