Sunday, March 25, 2018

So Happy the Elk are Back!

Last evening we came home from town to find the elk had returned and were in the backyard down the hill!

Lots of them. So glad to have them back.

But last night it snowed so everything is white again. And tonight we have a winter weather warning so in the morning we will have more snow.

But we're glad they are sticking around and enjoyed their day on Big Hill.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hanging Out with Bill

Steve took a picture of the dogs and me walking next door during a mini snowstorm.

I went to hang out with Bill.

This is Bill.

Bill loves to be petted, 
fed and watered, 
have someone empty his litter box, 
eat kitty treats, 
kill mice, 
have his toys tossed to him, 

...look at rainbows through the window.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Foggy Sunday...

We are hunkered down today due to freezing fog. It's pretty when you are looking out from the warm inside of the cabin. The fog left a shiny icy glaze on everything. This morning I had to walk real slow  (in my robe and slippers) to get to the empty dog bowls because the deck was shellacked with a thin layer of ice. Today I took pictures from windows that were screen-less. I wasn't going to take a walk-about around the yard. And when the dogs slid out on the deck I knew I was staying indoors.

The mountains are barely visible but you can somewhat make them out.

This tree in the yard sparkled even without the help of sunshine. ( thinks there could be a a metaphoric story written about this tree and life. Me also thinks I've been cooped up a bit too long...)

But even with the situation outside, Steve grilled us up some steaks for lunch. He put the grill by the front door overlooking the valley where he didn't have to worry about slip-sliding away. All went well and lunch was warm and yummy!