Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Top of the World!

Note: Before this past Sunday's snowstorm, Steve and I had traveled up the mountain on the tracker. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to share these pictures with you. Snow was a bit iffy at that time so we left the snowmobiles back at the cabin. But Sunday's storm brought the mountains much snow!

Steve taking pictures of me taking pictures. Ha.

We were waiting for the sun to come out to brighten our pictures but the sky was beautiful, too.

The moon peeking around the rock in the middle of the afternoon.

The sun finally came out so I could show you the view!

Heading back down the canyon...

This is when we saw the moose!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Not So Sunny Sunday

But a very cozy Sunday. The Weather Channel called for a winter weather advisory last night for today and tomorrow, but when I sat down with my coffee and checked the weather this morning, things had changed and we were in for a full blown winter storm warning and 45 mph wind gusts. Well, the wind hasn't happened today - yet. Not here anyways. So it is very beautiful.

Even though we can't see the mountains in some spots.

But in other directions you can.

Steve even braved the elements and grilled for us.

But we ate in!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Old McDonald had a Farm...

Around here it's more like Old McDonald had a ranch of some size with cows, sheep, horses and bulls.

There are bulls and cows everywhere and before you know it the calves will come. Can't wait. But all the critters aren't just at the ranches.

Free ranging Whitetail.

Gobbling Turkeys

Turkeys calling it a night.

Whitetail in the yard

And, of course, the elk! Love these creatures, yet, of late, they have moved on. Looking forward to their return. UPDATE: Currently there are twelve laying on the hill in the sunshine. They're back!

I love this picture because it shows the storm clouds rolling in from the plains. It makes me feel like we're up in heaven :-).

And the two moose - mamma and child - we encountered in the canyon. They wanted to check us out as badly as we wanted to check them out. 
Then off into the woods they sprinted.
All is good!