Saturday, January 18, 2014

Feeding the Deer in Hulbert, Michigan

We love to visit one of our favorite watering holes, Shirley's Happy Hour, for two reasons:

1. We love visiting with the locals and our friend Nancy who works there and is just the best waitress in the whole wide world.

Honestly. She truly is.

2. And through the restaurant windows, we love to watch the deer hang out and eat. The deer yard-up in Hulbert during the winter months. 

Nancy feeds the deer corn. She asked me if I wanted to hand feed a deer.
Boy, did I!

But as you can see, they don't know me from Adam and are very skeptical of this newbie.

So I stepped back...

...and sure enough, Nancy's little buddy came right in and ate right out of her hand.

I tried one more time, but they weren't having it.
So Nancy and I poured the rest of the corn from our buckets into the wooden trough.

And went back inside.

Here they came!!

They ate...

...and they ate...

and there was a little bit of "Hey, get out my spot," and the boxing paws came out.

And they ate some more.

Pretty soon the feeding frenzy quieted down 
as there seems to be not a speck of corn left in that trough.

Thanks, Nancy, for allowing me to be a part of an incredible experience!!!

Here's another link to the deer from last year titled Yarding UP.

Have a fantastic and safe weekend everyone!

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