Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birds, Dogs, & Pizza!

I've been busy learning my new big girl camera...
and sorting through all of my pictures from the past hundred years, filing them, and backing them up.We did a few days of snowmobiling last week, but this week we've had higher than normal temps that result in ice when the temps drop below freezing at night. Not much fun wandering around outside on the ice with a new camera in hand.

So I've been taking pictures of birds through the windows.
They don't seem to mind, like, ahem, some canine friends of mine.

I have two lenses which I am also learning. I love this zoom lens.

And my best buds are always ready to pose for me.

"Go ahead...we know you need the practice. 
But we are going to close our eyes as soon as you are done, or maybe before, got it?"

So after the dogs are finished posing...what's left?

I made Steve and me a pizza for supper.
This isn't my homemade pizza crust with fresh herbs from the garden that I make in late summer and freeze for movie night. I've been cleaning out my freezers and this was a pre-made pizza crust from a package of two that I needed to use up.

Did the food photos make you hungry?

Okay, I'll keep practicing.
I just don't know how to break it to the dogs.
They are going to be my subjects for the next year, er, years or so.

And maybe more food.
Food doesn't get annoyed.

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