Friday, January 10, 2014

Playing with Photo Apps


A while back, I downloaded two apps that allowed me to edit photos taken with my phone.
I found them in the Google Play Store and they were both FREE.
Search for Photo Grid and Paper Artist.
I tweaked the above pic using Paper Artist.

Over the Holidays, our son was battling a leg infection. 
We spent many hours in ER and Doctor offices. 
We engaged in conversation, watched TV, and, of course, played with our phones.
This is when I discovered I hadn't used the above mentioned apps yet.
First pic was of son waiting patiently, ahem, for test results.

Here is a pic of our other son (left), his girlfriend, and a friend posing on New Years Eve.
This looks like an old photo of a gangstah family...
(except Lindsey, she's smiling sweetly, which is what she does)

But then I thought if they truly were a gangstah family, 
my son wouldn't want me showing his face to the public, 
so I tweaked it a bit making his true identity questionable.

Hmmm....who is that gangstah on the left?
Too tall for Al Capone...

A photo on Facebook from Wyoming Tourism.

My Christmas moose from a previous post.

At the I-500 Snowmobile Race a few years back.


Does anyone follow the TV series The Walking Dead?

My favorite tree at the Falls Brewery.

I made this arrangement of my best buds using Photo Grid.

As for my oldest son, his leg is healing well and he is back to work.

The weather:
We are in for freezing drizzle today, rain overnight, and then it will change to snow eventually, or is it back to freezing rain, snow, then rain, or is it...wait...whaaaat?
It depends on which weatherman/woman you listen to.

We pay attention to our weather stick.
(Also called a witches' stick.)

When it points down, we have foul weather coming.
When it points up, we have fine weather coming.

Steve is suppose to groom tonight but won't if the temps are above 32 degrees.
We are getting ready to go for a snowmobile ride while the conditions are still fantastic.

Take it easy over the weekend where ever you are!


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