Monday, February 8, 2016

More Pics of Grooming the Trails and Ramblings About My Treadmill

    I love to ride along with Steve when it's his turn to groom after we get fresh snow.

And I especially like it when the sky has some color.

The view from my perch.

And every now and then we run into (not literally or on purpose) snowmobilers on the trail who are happy to see us.

Just so pretty.

Steve is out grooming tonight. I told him I better stay back and catch up on a few things. Steve had a cold last week and I woke up with it Saturday morning. 

I started walking the treadmill last week (after I removed the dog beds, Steve's old coats, fold-up chairs in bags, blew the dust off everything, and moved a large box Steve had set against it) while grumbling under my breath. I told Steve yesterday I think the silly contraption gets me sick. He rolled his eyes.

Okay, I need to work on my delivery speech when I walk into the garage and approach the treadmill. We need to be friends. We need to get along and play well together. I let the treadmill have its space today as it was gorgeous so the four of us - Steve, Ike, Bear and myself - walked to the mailbox and back and it was sunny and 39 degrees F and no breeze whatsoever.

Tomorrow maybe I'll bring a plate of cookies into the garage.Wait, treadmill is a machine and I like cookies and that would be counterintuitive - I'd be spending more time with treadmill in the long run/walk. But if treadmill is just a mechanical contraption why do I feel tired and sore after spending time with it? Treadmill gets to hear me sing, blurt out comments to the true crime podcasts I listen to, and silently groan when I realize I've only been walking for 10 minutes.

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