Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Big One That Didn't Get Away

We've been fishing the nearby reservoir for exactly a week now. Yesterday was the first day there was no ice to be seen anywhere on the lake. We only have to travel a couple of miles to fish at this spot.

(This is not Lake De Smet which is about 25 miles away.)

The dogs can't wait to jump in the car and ride along when they see Steve loading up the fishing poles.

They don't seem too bothered, do they?

Until yesterday we had caught 19 fish. But we had to put them all back. At this pond, and this pond only in the general area, you may only keep a fish if it is 20 inches or more. All 19 fish we caught were between 16 inches and 19.5 inches. Yep, you heard me right. Steve and I each caught a 19.5 fish and HAD TO PUT IT BACK IN THE WATER. Now that is brutal.

But fish #20 was 20.5 inches long! YAY! Guess what we're having for supper?

More pictures of the reservoir to come. The above were taken with my phone so I had easy access to share. The others are on my camera and have to be downloaded. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Oh, and by the way, yesterday it reached 70 degrees! Today 50, tomorrow 40, and then snow and cold again. Oh well. We'll take a 70 degree day when we can get it! :)

Oh, and more great news! Tuesday the elk came down from the mountain! We see them all day now! 
Photos to come!

(Can you tell by all the exclamation points I'm super excited to see the elk?)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I can see why you like it their and enjoy yourself the dogs also Mom

Debi said...

Yes, we SO do enjoy our Wyoming time...thx for commenting! :) The dogs LOVE it here.