Monday, April 14, 2014

The Trophy Pond

Steve and I call this the trophy pond because as I mentioned before you are only allowed to take ONE fish that is 20 inches or larger per day per person. It is really named Muddy Guard and is a reservoir. After this weekend, our total fish count is now 28 fish caught and 27 put back. All those 27 fish that were put back were between 14 and 19.5 inches. Our one keeper I posted here. It was delicious! I said I would post photos of the trophy pond and last Saturday was just a perfect day weather-wise to take pics. But my phone kept beeping, reminding us of the impending snowstorm we'd be getting overnight. And we did. And it blew all day yesterday. Back to the reservoir...

One of our favorite spots to fish. There's a nice hole there.

We were fishing on the point, but we were pushed off by the geese due to the two eggs lying in their nest.

The dogs enjoy roaming the hill behind us.

Or just sitting and watching. Ike is panting because it got quite warm on Saturday. We fished in t-shirts. I truly believe it is harder for the weatherman in Wyoming to get it straight than it is for Michigan weathermen.

Enough said. But in this case we didn't mind! We had hoped they were wrong about the snowstorm, too.

But they weren't.

Just a gorgeous place.

These Pronghorn Antelope are everywhere and very skiddish. But this group actually wanted to check us out. Steve thought that maybe they thought we were the feed truck that feeds all the cows and horses in the area.

Nope. Sorry guys!

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