Friday, April 18, 2014

The Elk and Other Wildlife

We gaze at these mountains and hills everyday. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is grab the binoculars and scan for wildlife. (okay, okay...if you read this blog regularly, you are saying, "Nope, she grabs her coffee first.") 

Then I grab the binoculars.

Can you see the elk? It isn't easy if you don't look at this view everyday. But when you have every rock memorized, it gets a little easier. Look to the upper hill on the left.

The elk just miraculously appeared on a Tuesday. They came down every morning, disappeared for most of the day, then reappeared in the evening. It is really something to see.

But then this past Sunday we had a mini snowstorm. And on Wednesday, we had yet another one. But today it reached 70 degrees and is blowing like you wouldn't believe. As warm as it is, even the dogs wanted to come inside and lay on their blanket.

Ike and Bear give a shout-out to the Miller Family -- "Hey! Miss you guys!"

Or is it a bark-out?

But we haven't seen the elk since before the mini snowstorms. This upcoming week is suppose to stay warm so hopefully they will come back and eat the green that is more vivid everyday.

And as we watch the elk, we look to our left and we are being watched by the mule deer.

And to our right, we watch whitetail deer.

I just can't zoom in any better than this with my camera. Sorry. I better save my pennies for a more zoomier lens. :)

Have a safe and blessed Easter weekend, Everyone! He is Risen!


Anonymous said...

We just love your updates and the beautiful scenery. Great. Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad your seeing wildlife. Amazing view.