Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting Prep

Today I'll show you how the transplant Yooper gets his/her deer blind from point A to point B.

Ready? Let's go...

There Hubby goes with the base to my deer blind - traveling a mile and a half down the gravel road.

Next, remove the blind from the overcrowded garage and travel the mile and a half again down the gravel road - this time backwards.

I'm driving the truck, following hubby as he drives backwards to our destination.

Seriously, backwards.

Made it to the Grizzly Den. Just a little farther to the river...

Remember that base?

There it is...

Easy does it...

Woo hoo!

I've got stairs!

Minor has to be positioned just right.

Awesome view! See the river?

Now Hubby does a professional analysis of everything: the location, positioning of the blind, shooting range length, direction the wind will blow and the sun will shine, mental mapping of the deer runs... (yawn)

We're, er, he's not done yet...there's still work to do across the river.

After all his hard work, I now have a tree house on the river! 
Big smiles!!
Thanks, Hubby!

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