Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

This past week was a gloomy week in the UP: rain, clouds, and so much wind. It howled sometimes 24 hours a day. Most mornings I drove to work with the outside temperature in my car reading 32 degrees as wind gusts forced me to have my hands at the ole' ten and two positions on the steering wheel.

But we had such an amazing it's hard to complain - too much.

I am a sky person. Colorado has my heart when it comes to unending baby blue skies. But up here, in da UP, the sky changes, depending on the direction you are looking. I am convinced if we were all given a blank canvas, a paint brush and an assortment of paint colors, we could all create a beautiful picture of the UP sky, and no one could goof it up. Seriously. Some days I look at that wide open space and just shake my head, never dreaming of that color scheme and having it turn out so natural. And, should you choose to paint your entire canvas gray - voila - that was the color of the sky this morning on our way to church due to the dense fog that settled in until almost noon. That's one thing I'm still getting used to up here - driving the 35 miles to work in the fog. But, hey, for the most part it's just me, roadkill, and the crows on the highway.

Heading north to the Soo.

And usually the weather doesn't stop progress - commerce, alive and well. The view from my window at work.

Yesterday was a sunny day, and the posse' approved, soaking in the warmth.

And Bear is still working on her summer tan - gettin' a little color on that belly.

Hubby and I have been working on my deer blind (see, all that whining paid off! Not really, he's just a great guy!). Yesterday we moved it down behind the Grizzly Den, along the river. It is a beautiful spot! But getting it there from our garage (where he built it this past week with the wood burner crankin') was an interesting endeavor. Here's its unveiling, bringing it out of the garage, and down to it's permanent location.
I'll post more later in the week.

Have a great week everyone!

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cheryl said...

obIts great keeping up with the U.P. You have some great pics!