Monday, August 1, 2011

The Grizzly Den II

The name of the log cabin is the Grizzly Den II. The one and only previous owner that built the log cabin also named it. His first log cabin, the one he lives in downstate, is called Grizzly Den I.  This is due to his nickname "The Grizz." All the locals know the cabin as the Grizzly Den, so we decided it would be a good idea to keep things as they are. The previous owner also made us a sign with the name on it as the original sign was made by his son in Shop Class. I don't have a picture of that yet. But I'll get one soon.

Of course, there are no grizzly bears in these neck of the woods, only black bear.

Black Bear checking out my bird feeders in the backyard.

The cabin we now call home was purchased in 2003 and we call it Base Camp. Everyone has a name for their camps up here. There is Squirrel Tail Camp, Camp No Shoot'em, The Bear Den...the list goes on and on. The Grizzly Den was purchased last fall and sits on 20 acres with the river winding through it. Hubby is fixing it up to rent out to fishermen, ATVers, snomobilers, bird hunters or those that want a BIG dose of peace and quiet. Our first renters will arrive mid-September!

The above two pictures are of the original cabin.

New log railing Hubby installed.

New tile floor Hubby is installing this week.

Say Cheese!


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