Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snowmobiling the Canyon...

Steve and I doubled up on a snowmobile he recently bought and took a ride up the Crazy Woman Canyon. This is the scene once we reached the top of the canyon. So serene yet a bit windy but the air wasn't bitterly cold so it was wonderful.

We were about the only ones on the trails.

Steve taking pictures of me and my snowy back and backpack.


Lots of snow up in these here mountains.

Sunshine! We can see our shadows!

Back down the canyon.

The Crazy Woman Canyon Creek

I often look at that crack and say hmmmm....don't stop here.

Such a beautiful canyon...

That is the canyon in the distance. We could not snowmobile from the flat land to the canyon today. We've lost quite a bit of snow on the plains.

Have a great week everyone! Time for me to get ready to go to the neighbors for dinner. Fun!

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Shirley said...

Beautiful scenery in Crazy woman Canyon.sure wouldn't want to walk very far in that deep snow. Thanks for the updates. Enjoy FL