Friday, February 24, 2017

It's Still Winter By the Way...

After our snowmobile trip up and down the canyon, the temps shot up, the sun shined for days, and drip, drip, dripping could be seen and heard everywhere. The creek went from a babble to a roar. We went for hikes and one day Steve even took his shirt off due to the warmth of the sun. I had spring fever! Let's get fishing!

And this rainbow, to me, was a sign of an early spring!

Boy, was I wrong.

On Wednesday we heard it was coming.

 In the afternoon the winter storm watch was upgraded to a winter storm warning so we hopped in the truck and headed to town for some supplies. The heavy snow and wind wasn't due until the next morning.

And two days later everything is all white again, and it's all right, too.

It is really quite beautiful and tranquil. There is no breeze today and the sun is trying its hardest to shine through the haze of leftover clouds.

Outdoor picnics will have to wait.

And can you believe we have had our morning coffee at this table a couple of times with the dogs laying at our feet?

The dogs...I'm pretty sure Ike had spring fever, too. Yesterday he wanted nothing to do with the out of doors unless he had to do his business, and then he returned so quickly I barely had time to shut the door before reopening to his one "woof". Steve timed him once and he was out approximately 5.26 minutes.

Now Bear on the other hand LOVES the snow and proceeded to roll in it (her version of a bath), made a hole, circled the hole, then laid down in a ball for a nap.

I hear the weather has been crazy all over the US this winter. How's the weather by you? 

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Shirley said...

The weather here is beautiful. Mid 80's yesterday and today. Love it I'm with Ike wouldn't be out in the cold any longer than I had to. Sure does change quick by you. Hugs FL