Thursday, September 24, 2015

Game Camera Photos

Steve has a few game cameras set up in the woods mainly to monitor the deer passing by our hunting blinds. But every now and then we discover a few surprises...

A wolf

And a curious moose!

To see more game camera pictures of moose, go to this post Upper Peninsula Moose Caught on Camera.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lake Superior Lighthouses

We took a nice little day trip to Lake Superior and visited the Crisp Point Lighthouse. We hadn't been here for a couple of years and the setting was as beautiful as ever.

We sat a spell and listened to the lazy rolling waves.

Washed up driftwood and logs. 

And here is a picture of Point Iroquois Lighthouse also on Lake Superior. 

We actually walked to the top of the tower on this day...

...and admired the view.

Did you know that our mitten state has more lighthouses than any other state? I researched the exact number on the internet, however there seems to be different estimations on the exact count. I do know that the count is over one hundred. Some are in ruins and some have been beautifully restored. 

If you live in Michigan or visit our state, head for a Great Lake shoreline or beach and you're sure to stumble across a beautiful setting and a lighthouse!