Saturday, August 29, 2015

Air Gus Moves

In honor of National Dog Day which came and went this past week, I thought I would share some pictures of my grandpuppy Gus. He is the most amazing grandpuppy ever. All grandparents of grandpuppies say that don't they?

Look at this quiet little puppy with the wrinkled ear...

Wait until you see him play Frisbee with Riley.

Ready, Set, Go!

Nice job Gus! Great moves!

But then Gus zigged when he should have zagged and I got this shot of his air move.

I call out, "Whaat do you call that move, Gus?"

Gus' eyes say, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...Maybe Hang Dog?

Not sure what you call this move either. Gus is making them up as he goes...

Woops. He's looking a bit frustrated.

Ten-year-old Ike isn't impressed with Gus' energy or air moves.

Another great catch! 


The audience consisted of us adults and other canines - Ike and Bear.


Great Job, Gus! Can't wait to see you grow and enter Frisbee competitions!

Just make sure you tell Grandma where and when. :)

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Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome Grandpuppy u got. BC.