Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Go West, Old Pups

Me: "Hey, are you two pooches just vegging out on the cold snow?"

"If you guys aren't too busy, do you feel like going for a loooong ride in the truck? Oh, say, like 22 hours or so?"

Bear: "Are you serious? How long is 22 hours?"

Ike: "Don't toy with me, man. You know I'll go anywhere. You know me...I'm a free spirit, I follow the wind or the aroma of a nearby squirrel...wait, you ARE taking dog chow, right?"

Bear: "Will you scratch my belly first? I think my anxiety level just rose a few notches."

Ike: "Okay, you have my attention. When do we leave? I'm packed."

Bear                                                         Ike

Bear: "We promise to be good."

Ike: "Oh, please 'Winnie the Whiner', you're nothing but a sissy when we travel."

Bear: "Am not."

Ike: "Are too."

Me: "Dogs, dogs...enough."

Ike and Bear: "Can we jump into the backseat of the truck yet?"

Bear                                             Ike

Bear: "Weeeeee...pant, pant, pant, here we go!"

Ike: "Winnie, quit cher hyperventilating already!"

Bear: "Hey guys, um...just don't let me out of this truck until we get there okay? Pant, pant, pant..."

Me: "What about poddy breaks?"

Bear: "I can hold it. Pant..."

Me: "For 22 plus hours?"

Bear: "Yep. I can hold it until we get there. Pant, pant, swallow, pant, pant, pant..."

Ike: "Geesh. I'm taking a nap." (insert snoring)

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Anonymous said...

This sure looks like a Great Dogs life.just going along for the ride. Thats what i want to come back as the second time around. Dog) on second thought I might not be as .Lucky to get such a caring and loving Master. FL