Sunday, April 27, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Ike and Bear LOVE to go for a ride. They just know we are leaving in the car when they see Steve and I loading up the fishing poles, extra layers of coats, the cooler, buckets, my camera bag...

And they stare at the door...

Or the window...

We say, "Jump on in."

Ike isn't completely convinced he's going until we close the hatch.

On a recent trip up the mountain, we stopped at Arrowhead Lodge and had some lunch.

After lunch, we opened the hatch so the dogs could stretch their legs and do their business.

But Bear is always hesitant to get out of the car.

If she could talk, I would guess when she whines she is saying, "But we're not there yet."

So we coax and we call and we whistle until she finally gets her nerve up...

...which is short-lived and she makes an abrupt U-turn back to the car.

"We aren't there yet!"

How does she know where there is?

That's a question to ponder...

"See my face? I am NOT a happy camper."

Ike isn't the least bit traumatized. He does his business then sniffs out other critters and dogs that have been in the area.

He checks out the motel.

Then we say "Kennel up, Ike," and he joins Nervous Ninny in the backseat and on our way we go.

"Are we there yet?"

But today has been anything but stressful for Bear.

Yeah, its been that kind of a Sunday.

Have a stress free week, Everyone!

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