Monday, November 3, 2014

Five Blind Mice

This is the view from Steve's deer blind. 

After Steve chased five mice out who had made his blind their permanent residence, I can now relax and sit comfortably without making a lot of perturbing noise movements while getting those annoyed looks from a quiet motionless hunter over in the corner by the window because I am not being a quiet motionless hunter's quiet sidekick.

Excuse my rambling but did you get all that?
Here's a breakdown of the chaos before the mice were evicted:
  • I would continually lift my feet twelve inches off the floor and wiggle them to scare off any small brown creature with a pointy nose that may be stalking  my toes even though I had my hunting boots on.
  • I would abruptly turn around in my chair (which squeaks) because I hear scratching and think an acrobatic mouse is going to fly through the air and land on my camo hat.
  • I would constantly stare at the window sills which the mice have been known to use as freeways (seen it with my own eyes) as I fear one may lose its footing and slip and fall right into my lap.
  • I would swat at my shoulder because I am going nuts for no apparent reason.
Its not that I can't stand mice, I just don't want them touching me.

Or sharing my space.

Or eating my sandwich.

Good news is my blind is mouse proof!

The tamaracks are still beautiful but lose their gold a little more and more each day.

These are the stairs to Steve's blind.

If you look closely half way up the stairs and to the right, you'll see an abandoned bird's nest. 

A closer least they had the decency to move out before deer season.

But I like birds very much.

All that remains is a tiny pine cone.

This is what we awoke to Halloween morning. I'm not really ready for it, but it sure was pretty and at least it wasn't raining.

I was beginning to think we needed to track down a guy named Noah and see what he's been up to these past few weeks.

This year there was frost AND snow on the pumpkins.

On our way to town, the snow amount was less and less.

This photo is for my mom.

She likes barns.

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