Monday, September 29, 2014

A Walking Color Tour Close to Home...

The last few days have been AMAZING up here in the UP. I just couldn't tear myself away from the out-of-doors to come indoors and post, so I took loads of photos and will organize them in the coming days.

Today is an oh-so-typical UP Fall day. Temperatures are plummeting, the rain began this morning first in sprinkles, then became a downpour that sent the dogs into the garage. I still have my side door open and can hear the rain, wind, and the annoyed bluejays squawk about the weather through the screen door.

Steve and I have enjoyed this weather on our quads, by truck, and by boat. The colors have changed so quickly in the last week! Today I'm going to show you the view as the dogs and I walk to the mailbox. (If you are a regular follower of this blog, you'll remember the mailbox is a mile down the road.)

We usually walk in the morning and sometimes it is still quite chilly if the sun is behind the clouds.

Other mornings we'd have fog to contend with.

It usually clears up by the time we turn around and head back home.

Which is perfect because on this walk back we discovered a few of nature's treasures.

I looked up into the deep blue sky and saw this eagle swirling high in the sky over our heads.

Farther down the way we discovered this fresh moose track.

And just about everyday we pass by this apple tree growing wild alongside the road.

Closer to home it gets so pretty and colorful!

The two-track into the Hiawatha National forest.

Our front yard...

Over the house...

One last photo...

This is my one and only pumpkin and this is the size it is today.

My pumpkin patch didn't grow so well.

There's always next year!

(Psst...Last year I didn't even get one pumpkin so I guess I could say I did pretty good this year. Maybe next year I'll get two!)

Have a safe and wonderful week, Everyone! Stay dry and warm wherever you are!

It's time to close the door.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Riley's Kentucky IRONMAN 2014 - The Run

On the third and final leg of the Ironman, we caught up with Riley as he took a break from running to walk a bit of this 26.2 mile run. By this point in the day, the car thermometer read 95 degrees. We told Riley it was only in the 80's.

It was hot.

I think he's telling us he's hot.

Volunteers set out cool wet sponges for the participants to snatch as they passed by and also handed out beverages.

Sometimes it helps to make new friends along the way and walk and talk together to take your mind off what you're doing.

Like a 140.6 mile Ironman.

To those of you who watched the race on your computer: do you remember when Riley crossed the finish line and then turned around as if he was going to go back? He was looking for his friend above to congratulate him, but at some point they got separated and I'm not sure if they ever met up again.

Remember this picture from that post? This was the day before the race where Riley was getting all his stuff in order and filling these bags accordingly.

This was one of the spots along the run where he could pick up one of his bags which may contain additional food, etc.

Lots of spectators!

We could see them cross the finish line on a big screen.

As the night progressed, the streets got crowded as we all waited for the arrival of our heroes.

Yes, that is the back of Steve with the camo hat on.

Riley wouldn't recognize his dad if he wasn't wearing something camo.

And just under 15 hours later, Riley came across the finish line!!

He has his Ironman medal around his neck!

The volunteer is directing him and making sure he's okay.

A great finish!

Wearing the Ironman hats Riley's older brother, Steven, had made for us with Ironman and Riley's name embroidered on the side.

They were made at the store.

Steven doesn't embroider.

Hi Steven!

Steven is laid up these days as he had a rod removed from the bone of his leg this past week. He suffered a compound fracture during a motocross race, oh, some 13 years ago I believe it was. The rod was giving him trouble.

Now he'll be able to get through airport security faster!

Ok, where was I...

The following day, Riley got out of bed all on his own and was ready to go sightseeing! Aside from the huge blisters on his feet, he felt pretty good but wanted to keep walking and stair climbing to a minimum.

We looked for cool things to do.



So we took a ride on a tram through a cavern underneath Louisville.

It was really cold.

We visited a distillery.

Had dinner alongside the Ohio River where Riley ordered...

...this MASSIVE hamburger and got himself a t-shirt for finishing the WHOLE thing.

He gave the t-shirt to his dad.

No, it wasn't camo.

He wants his dad to experiment with colors.

Congratulations, Riley, on your HUGE accomplishment and on finishing this burger!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bear Hunting Season in the UP

From deep within the woods, I hear barkin' and other sounds of hounds which is pretty exciting. I can hear them right out my screen door as I sit here at my desk composing this post. It indicates the dogs and the bear hunters have come upon the scent of a bear and are on its trail.

An exciting time of the year!

The first season of bear hunting began a week ago today. Hunting with dogs started this past Monday.

And bird hunting also started this past Monday so these woods are alive with pickup trucks going every which way like early Fall leaves racing the wind. 

So I decided to go rummaging through old photos of the different bear we've seen up here whether on our game cameras, outside our window, or harvested during the seasons we had a license.

This season not one of us in this family received a license though we applied. It takes at least 5 years for one to come through. Sometimes longer than that.

Steve just hopped on his ATV to go check out the situation. Most of the hunters are neighbors and friends so its always exciting to find they filled their tag (license).

Peeping Thomas we caught on camera...

Checking out my gardens this summer...

Messing with my birdfeeders...

Just strolling about...

In the fire pit...

Playing with my laundry...

Riley's Harvest
September 2009
(and Tessy, too!)

Steve's Harvest

Steve and friend Mike

My Harvest
(I was still shaking from one of the most exhilarating experiences EVER.)

There is literally a Bear laying behind me. She isn't crazy about this new bear I took home.

Geesh, woman, point that gun away from yourself!

Good luck to all the bear hunters!

And if you are trying to empty your freezer of last years venison, try this recipe, BBQ Pulled Venison, using 4 pounds of venison roast. I used up two venison neck roasts last week. It is so easy and makes the house smell like Fall!