Saturday, September 6, 2014

Riley's Kentucky IRONMAN 2014 - The Swim

I want to start this post with the finish of the 2014 Louisville Kentucky IRONMAN. Riley finished in just under 15 hours in heat that read 95 degrees on our car's thermometer - and that wasn't even the heat index!

I took over 500 pictures during the week we were in Kentucky.

I'm sure you don't have time to view all 500 in one sitting do y'all?

And I can use the word y'all for a few more days because I stayed there a week. 

In Kentucky.

Did I mention that to y'all?

And I honestly cannot count on my fingers how many times we were asked by nice Kentuckians, 
"Where y'all from?"


"Thought so. Y'all have that accent."

Looking behind us over our shoulders and to each face in our group in bewilderment...Who? Us?

Okay, Let's start at the beginning of this spectacular event.

I'll only cover the swim part of the race in this post.

And, no, I will not share all 500 pictures with you so please come on back y'all.

Don't be scared...

The morning of the day before the race.

Riley had to organize all his necessary belongings, food, and equipment into the official Ironman bags.

There was a meeting in the afternoon where it got pretty crowded.

The white arrow points to Riley and Lindsey sitting against the wall.

The doorway to the actual participant's meeting was busting at the seams, so many athletes sat around on the floor and could still hear the rules, directions, etc.

After the meeting Riley had to get his bike to the transition area. The transition area is where the athletes return after each leg of the race to change into the appropriate race attire.

Speaking of legs...Here's the lowdown on an Ironman race:

First, there is a 2.4 mile swim.
Second, the bike race is 112 miles long.
And lastly, the run is 26.2 miles long.

Grand total: 140.6 miles

My legs are tired.

The transition area is very large. There were 2,400 competitors. No one is allowed in the transition area except the athletes and the volunteers. There are actually more volunteers than participants!

And there is another white arrow pointing at Riley. I should have made the arrow red or blue or yellow.

What was I thinking.

Riley's fan club and cheerer-on-ers.

And me, too.

Go, Riley!

The morning of the swim. Athletes lined up on a first come first serve basis.

All kinds of volunteers in the water to help swimmers who may have trouble.

The line goes on and on...

...and on and on.

Did I say there were 2,400 participants?

News Guy. Camera man.

First swimmer to jump in. 

Rules were they had to jump feet first.

And they're off...

There he is!

"Let's DO this thing!"

Getting busier..

Lindsey, Steve and I walked up to this pedestrians only bridge for a better view.

This is where they jumped in. The starting line to the swim.

They swam against the current going up on the right side of this photo to the top of the island, then around and back down (left side) swimming with the current.

Here they come...

They swim under the pedestrian bridge and the highway bridge way over to the finish line which is by the white tents (far left) and where the transition area is.

I gave up using the white arrow.

Lots of spectators making their way to the swim finish line.

Now we are at the finish line. Can't tell the swimmers apart at this moment.

Here he comes, emerging out of the water...

...and reaching for a fresh cup of water from one of the volunteers.

Great job!!

Then he ran off to the transition area to change into his bike gear, grab his bike, and go!

My next posting will be about the bike race.

Did I mention it was 112 miles long?


Oh, and remember that Huckleberry Pie I made a few weeks back on the post Huckleberry Heaven, and promised to share the recipe with y'all?

Well, just click on the above pictures or the link above and it will take you to my cooking blog, Cabin Cleaver, where you'll find the detailed recipe with photos version (and me talkin') and a printable version of the recipe if you want to give this easy, versatile, yummy pie a try.

Have a fun-filled weekend y'all.

I promise I'll start cutting back on the y'all, y'all...eventually. Baby steps...

Why not tell me "where y'all from?"


Shirley Vandyke said...

Good explaining so far. Enjoyed. We are from Byron Center.

Debi said...

Thank you, Byron Center :)