Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Look Who Stopped By...

Last night I deep fried fish for supper. First, I sliced up some potatoes to make french fries in the oven. I turned the stove on to gradually get the oil hot in my pan. After a while, I looked at Steve, wrinkled my nose and said, "It stinks in here from the oil, don't you think?" We had all the windows closed due to the humidity, but opened them all up to air this house out. I proceeded to fry the fish, we ate supper, and then hunkered down to watch one of our Netflix shows.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of black. I thought nothing of it, thinking it was one of our two black dogs. Then suddenly I whispered out to Steve, "There's a bear."

He jumped up. "Where?"

"In the front yard!" I was still whispering as I hurried off to find my camera which is always in the same place, but we went four-wheeling yesterday and I had placed it somewhere else. But where?

Steve hurried off to whisper the dogs into the house without scaring the bear.

I finally found my little camera and shot off about 8 pictures. Not one came out clear. Frustration!!!

Anyhow, there he is above, stopping by to inspect my gardens. Steve is sure the frying fish and oil were what lured the bear into our yard. As the bear leaned on the fence, my garden sprinkler, which is on a timer, started up, spitting and spattering until finally becoming a nice spray. The bear had nothing of it and he took off running into the woods across the street.

Here's some blurry photos...

He looks so much bigger here because I zoomed in.

Kind of like pictures of Big Foot, huh?

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