Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beloved Bluebirds

Yesterday was a cool dark day, but the bluebirds came and boosted our spirits reminding us that they are back because its SPRING!

Hello Mr. Bluebird!

Happy April!

Oh my! I count six. Three males and one female on the fence. And a female (on the rocks...hmmm) and a male in the distance. (There should be a wagon somewhere. Then I would say, "And there's a bluebird on the wagon.")

These aren't your typical western or eastern male bluebirds. The aforementioned have brown breasts. These are mountain bluebirds. According to the website mentioned at the end of this paragraph, the male don't have white breasts but some of these guys do. They are not Indigo Buntings. I looked that up. You can check out Wyoming bluebirds at this site if you want - Wyoming Bluebirds.

Males only...solving the prairie's problems.

Then two fly away and leave only one...

...and I wonder why, until this big goof appears.

But they came back.

There were possibly some unresolved issues and a few of them were straddling, er, perched on the fence...

Others moved on and socialized in a tree... 

leaving a loner in the background on the fence. 

These daffodils are for Nancy.

She loves daffodils and it's her birthday today.

Happy Birthday Nancy!
(aka. CB)


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