Friday, February 21, 2014

George Strait Concert

A week ago tonight, Steve and I drove downstate.
We're so thankful we didn't have the weather we are having today.

This picture just doesn't do the blizzard we are in any justice. The Mackinac Bridge is closed. US 2 is closed. The whiteouts are blowing sideways and the house howls while the latched screen door thumps against the forceful wind. The dogs are sleeping soundly at the foot of the wood burner, and Steve is up to his eyeballs in receipts and such - getting our taxes in order. I've helped with what I could. I thought I would try and put a quick post online while I am in and out of getting bumped offline. It has been a week and a day since I posted but for good reason. It all started last Valentines Day when Steve and I used our Christmas gifts from our sons.

We drove to Auburns Hills on Valentines Day to see George Strait in concert at The Palace! The band Little Big Town opened the concert. We had great seats but I found it dang frustrating trying to get good shots!

The Palace is gigantic.

A little grainy...but there's George!

Amazing concert! Thanks to our awesome sons!!

And thanks for putting us up in a Marriott hotel!

Lindsey and Riley arrived Saturday evening and stayed for the weekend. The dogs sure enjoy the love they take with them and spread around.

We all enjoyed the weekend immensely!

Meanwhile, find cover little guy!

Hunker down!

Next post I'll share our snowmobile ride from home to Mackinac Island which we did this past Tuesday.

Stay tuned...


Thursday, February 13, 2014

For the Birds...

I knew I jinxed myself the other day when I mentioned in an email to my mother that Steve and I have been quite healthy so far this month. Then wham...that night I woke up sneezing (and I'm not a dainty quiet sneezer), and my face felt flush and my body ached...

So for the last two days I have been in my stretchy jogging pants and baggy sweatshirt taking pictures of birds through the windows.

Above the chickadees enjoy each other's company on a quick lunch of thistle seed.

Another pair nibble on the suet.

Two sharing a slice of stale bread.

"May I have a bite of that delicious bread? Please? Please? Please?"

Ike has to see if anything has been clumsily pushed off the bread tray.

"Come on guys, hand some over."

A downy woodpecker

On, no, there's a fight going on over there.
Someone call a bouncer.
I see some feather slappin'.

"I'm not sure I trust you."

"I'm not sure I trust you either."

"Attack from the back! I'm out of here!"

"I'll beeee baaaack," he says in his toughest imitation 
Arnold Schwarzenegger voice 
that a little chickadee can muster.

Not feeling well is for the birds.
But if it wasn't for the birds, I'd be bored.

I think I have a slight fever.
I think I'll sign off for now.

You never know what or who my feverish brain might find talking outside my window.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hanging Out With the Florida Locals...

Ok, no problem, we won't feed the gators but how about them aggressive greedy medium-sized birds there? They wouldn't even wait for an invitation...they helped themselves to what morsels they could find - even if we were still eating and not ready to share. Beware diners who left french fries on their plates unattended...

And what about these,

They just wanted a hand out of the fishermen's bait.
"Just a small piece, por favore..."

And then there was this pigeon that was on to me.
"I know you have a cookie in that pocket of yours."

"No, I only have coffee in this cup of mine..nothing else."

I got the look.

Caught me.

And then there were these unidentifiable birds (in my wee mind) that were strutting their stuff, but honestly I had no morsel of anything in my pocket at the time. Totally lost on how to make it big going viral on YouTube, they've decided to put on a show for the visitors? One wonders...

Center stage...

Not to be outdone, this solo artist with a three piece band tried to outdo those that had the treetop advantage.

But of course everyone wants to get on the bandwagon...

Egads...creature from the black lagoon?

Nope. Only 263 manatees enjoying warmer water in a back-off bayou during the winter months.
(And YES, the state park employee said they had counted 263 manatee that day.)

And if ye be so inclined to read about bird bandits, bird bands, or manatees, I only have this little blurp I got from a sign on the walking trail. Couldn't find any information on birds trying to make it big or otherwise.

Such docile creatures.

And of course, unlike the birds, not every creature is out for stardom and fame.
This armadillo wanted complete anonymity.

And this guy's goal was just to beat the plane into the terminal.

This guy isn't a local.

Just loco.

So I took him home with me.

I'm a humanitarian like that.

Besides, he looked familiar.