Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot. Hot. Hot.

But hey, it IS summer! So last week we went to the beach three different times.

We welcomed a heavy downpour one night so you know what that means...


We took a cool, shady, round-a-bout way heading north... one of our favorite beaches, a secluded cove on Lake Superior.

We decided to take the dogs there the next day by car.
"A perfect place for them to cool off," I said.
"The perfect place for me to teach Ike how to swim," said Steve.

And that's what we did.

But you'll have to wait for those pics on my next post.

I apologize for getting behind again. My intention was to get a posting out every Monday. But this past Monday we had to take Bear into the vet for a second opinion. She has lesions on her belly that we were highly concerned about. There is a disease in the UP called Blastomycosis that affects dogs. Click on the name for more information. It is a deadly disease if not treated immediately. We know of two friends who have had to put their dogs down because they contracted the disease. 

Bear is half husky and has a LOT of hair. She loves to have her belly rubbed and this is when I noticed them.

So, last week I took Bear 45 minutes north to Vet #1. He looked at the lesions for, oh, say, two minutes, got up and said they have to come off as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment at the front desk.
Ok, I'm quite concerned I am going to lose another dog.
At the front desk I ask how much the surgery will cost - $400. But what do you do? 

Make the appointment but get a second opinion.

On Monday we drove 45 minutes south - this time Steve came with me.

After throughly checking Bear out for, oh, say, 15 minutes, Vet #2 says, "Oh, she's fine! What a nice dog. She has awesome teeth."


She says to watch the lesions. No, they certainly are not related to Blasto. If they change or grow, then they will need to be removed for a cost of, ready? $180 tops.

Bear is doing fine and had a grand day at the beach last week.

Speaking of grand...we are spending tomorrow on Mackinac Island. I look forward to showing you those pictures, too!

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