Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Badlands and Wall, South Dakota

Another post of our trip out west. 

Our day trip began to the north of the Badlands. We were so close to the town of Wall, and had read so much about it, we had to stop in and check it out first, before wandering to the Badlands.

It's a tourist trap for sure, but a fun place to stop.

There are lots of shops and a couple of restaurants.
We even picked up a couple souvenirs of our own.

And there is fun stuff for the, adults, too!
This dinosaur would come "alive" every 10 minutes or so.
He would growl, and shake his head like he was trying to get out.
Seriously, I found him scary. I can't imagine what a little kid would think!

This was much less scary and practical - a jackalope!
Maybe we'll see one of these for real in the Badlands! :)

But this was the first critter we saw - a prairie dog crossing town to visit a friend.

Prairie Dog Town

Buffalo grazing

The Badlands are amazing.

Some of the rocks appear as if they've been painted.

A coyote enjoying the view.

If you look real close, or click once on the picture to make it bigger,
you'll see deer hanging out at the base of the hill.

Below are my two all time favorite pictures. 
The first one is a little blurry. I was so excited I think I was shaking.
Again, you might want to click on the picture to make it bigger.

As we traveled to our hotel from the Badlands,
we watched a real life cowboy round up his cattle.
So cool!

Happy Birthday to my brother Kevin!

Have a great week everyone!

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