Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Projects Galore!

Well, here I am, getting behind already with my posts. We returned home last night from a long weekend downstate visiting family and friends at Graduation Open Houses for two of our nieces. It was great seeing everyone. And then yesterday we loaded up yet another trailer full of our stuff to move up here to our permanent residence. Oh...but where to put it!

A picnic table, fishing boat, kayak - just to name a few of the items in that trailer.

Steve has been working on a shed to store some of our things.

And he built me a raised flower bed, garden, and trellis!

We had a load of top dirt delivered, and I spent today planting my garden.
When I came in to make supper, I found out we are under a frost advisory - how can that be? Today is June 12! Sigh. But hey, I am in the UP now, with a shorter growing season. 

The project we completed last summer is doing great. We sectioned off our split rail fence by the road with timbers and most of my perennials survived the winter and are slowly coming to bloom. 

We even discovered we have our very own wild blueberry patch by the driveway. I've been using my loppers to trim the trees allowing sunshine to filter in. These bushes were hidden in weeds and shade.

Looking forward to fresh blueberry pancakes come August!

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