Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lunch On Lake Michigan

We did an 85-mile ATV ride yesterday. Our goal was to have lunch at a little restaurant called the Cut River Inn located off Highway 2 in Epoufette. It is south and west of our camp. See map...  Of course, we didn't take the roads, we took the back trails.

Way, way out there, you can see two lighthouses. The one on the left is the White Shoal Light. It is quite unique as it looks like a candy cane. The other teeny tiny speck to the right is either Gray's Reef Light or Waugoshance Light, I can't be certain.

Not a dust-free day today!

At this section of the trail, the sand turns a golden brown.

The stop signs at the train tracks are there for a reason. We hear them go by anywheres from 3-5 times a day. This time we actually saw him!

Another fishing hole discovery!

Stopped in Trout Lake to say hi to the locals.

And saw the train again...3 hours later, on his way back hauling freight.

Took a break at this little lake that we pass by on our way back home.

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