Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Fun!

It seemed as though winter was never going to get here. So many activities we are usually doing by now have been put on hold. But little by little they are coming about.

Steve bought a sleigh for transporting luggage back and forth to the Grizzly Den throughout the winter. We decided to give it a test drive and have a little winter fun.

Bear and Ike are ready to go! Do you detect a hint of apprehension on Bear's face?

I was a little concerned that on this first run, Bear would jump out. It takes her a few times before she gets comfortable with an idea. So I jumped in.

We headed down the trail to the Grizzly Den.

We all had a blast! The trip back went even better as Bear finally quit squealing. Ike was a trooper and enjoyed the ride without a whimper.

Steve is out grooming the snowmobile trails. If I had to guess (as I didn't count them one by one) I would say 50-75 snowmobiles have gone by today. Our house is right on one of the major snowmobile trails in the eastern UP. It's a very cold day. This morning it was 13 degrees below zero. It has since warmed up to 15. I am contemplating whether I want to take a walk on the road/snowmobile trail or stay toasty in the garage on the treadmill. I think the treadmill is going to win.

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