Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cross Village, Michigan

I picked up my wonderful friend, MJ, in Mackinaw City and we hit the road going due west until we couldn’t go any further on account of Lake Michigan being in our way.

I LOVE road trips!

We ended up at The Leg’s Inn, a unique polish restaurant in Cross Village, Michigan.

Here is a bit of history...

If you click on the above picture, it should come in larger.

See the stove legs on the roof? Hence the name.


Beautiful gardens all around and in the back of the restaurant.

MJ and I opted to have our lunch outside even though it was a blustery day.

And so did many others.

You can stroll anywhere you like. The bluff overlooks Lake Michigan.

Now for the inside...

The foyer

The foyer light

billiard room

Unique, huh?

The Leg's Inn has a huge menu to choose from, and not everything is polish, in case you're not into that. It's worth going a little off the beaten path to discover something new!

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Liz said...

Hi Debi. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I usually email my replies, but you don't have your email activated in your blogger account.

Bailey is doing well. I'm not sure how you do it - with three of them! One keeps me busy enough!

The Legs Inn looks beautiful. You know, in all the years I've lived up here, I've never stopped there...