Sunday, March 5, 2017

Road Trip on a Spring-Like Day!

Yesterday was a beautiful pre-spring day so the dogs barked Road Trip! Then they barked Selfie!

Another Selfie, please!

Steve, Ike, Bear and I (I called shotgun!) ended up at Lake DeSmet - our favorite fishing hole! You can see one hardy fisherman ice fishing on the far right.

We just all hung out in the sunshine (a few clouds now and then.)

Some of us took a nap.

With the temps in the 60's and the sunshine shining down on the lake, it was amazing to hear the lake sing as it was melting. Have you ever heard a lake make ice? It's a similar sound when it melts and so cool and kind of creepy like there is a monster moaning underneath all that ice. eeeek! But super cool, too.

And we just soaked it all in.

We were talking about going back later this afternoon because today is sunny and warm, too, but it is so windy and is only going to get windier so maybe we won't. This cabin is just creaking and whistling today. I think we'll go with plan B. Plan A was to grill. I don't want Steve to blow away. Yikes.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

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