Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

I was going to do a post about the recent elk herd we had come through (I still will), but we awoke this morning to this beautiful mountains/plains scenery. Since we arrived in Wyoming 5 days ago, it has snowed and blowed pretty much every day at some point of the day or night. We might leave the cabin with clear blue skies to head into town for supplies only to look out the window of some store or gas station and it is snowing and blowing again. I'm not complaining!! But the holidays and the traveling out here has left this little blog silent with the distant spring/summer sound of crickets chirping...

But it's winter and there are no crickets chirping here. So I'll share this beautiful western day! 

No deck entertaining for awhile.

Even Ike and Bear hadn't wandered too far from the homestead. 

Well, today anyways. 

Yesterday this handsome guy decided to take a walk ALL BY HIMSELF without letting anyone know where he was headed. Steve and I needed to go to town for more diesel fuel for the Case plow tractor so we kenneled the dogs up, but there was no Ike.

It took us 45 minutes to an hour, calling and whistling and searching for him, walking through drifts over 2 feet deep, falling clumsily (me), Steve searching the river and me searching the plains until he suddenly showed up behind me, tail wagging, whimpering in the way he does when he's asking if we are going for a walk. I couldn't reprimand him or hug him. I honestly expected the worse because he has never done this before out here. And our temps for the next few days are going to be zero or below...but the stinker is home and in the cabin looking at me with his big brown eyes...okay so anyway, here are more winter pics.

The canyon in the distance.

Happy New Year from Wyoming! Have a blessed 2017 Everyone!
(Hi Mom!)
(Happy Birthday to my Father-In-Law!)

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Shirley said...

Beautiful pictures. Winter wonderland. use to love that snow for snowmobiling, now I love to look at the pictures, getting old. BC