Sunday, December 4, 2016

Deer Camp 2016

Another firearm deer hunting season has come and gone. Above I look as though I'm about to fall asleep. I have to admit sometimes the thought does cross my mind. But I am out of my blind with my thoughts now focused on the upcoming holiday season. We were able to put venison in the freezer I am happy happy to tell you!

Today I am spending this dark December Sunday afternoon paging through my cookbooks, dog earring tattered pages of possibilities of what I'll make for the upcoming holiday parties. 

In honor of the buck in the freezer, my daughter-in-law, Lindsey, brought me this beautiful wreath!

Below are just a few random shots of deer camp 2016.

November 15 - no snow on the ground.

November 16 - no snow on the ground.

Fast forward to November 23 and there is snow on the ground.

And everything at deer camp looked so pretty. I'm sure that was the thought on the guys' minds, too.

This is looking out of Steve's blind. The snow is gone. But at this moment looking out my window on this dark December Sunday afternoon, I see it is snowing once again and it looks like it's sticking so maybe there will be a white Christmas after all in the good 'ole UP.

This is 13-year-old Ian. He got this 12 point while hunting with his Grandpa. Way to go Ian!

And here is my grandpuppy, Gus, and Lindsey hanging out Thanksgiving weekend.

Have a great week everyone!

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Shirley said...

Enjoyed your Blog as always