Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Monday night we received around 10 inches of new snow at our house.

We had just returned home after 8 days downstate. 

We knew the storm was coming so we left on time Monday morning. 

Above, Lake Huron is showing its dark side.

The fresh snow made everything look so pretty.

I am finally unpacked and ready to get back into blogging!

The dogs seemed to enjoy the white fluffy stuff.

Just a little snooze in the snow...

...or a snooze on the plowed driveway.

This photo is so serene.

Do you see the tree on the left that went down in our backyard during the wind storm up here the Wednesday before Christmas Eve? Our power went out until Friday evening. 

We are so blessed to have the neighbors we do!!

How about a few Christmas pictures? Our family Christmas at our son's house...

Canines crashing on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning...Gus is looking festive isn't he?

(I had a hard time getting him to sit still! He was excited about the stocking stuffers!) 

Santa brought him reindeer antlers!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already saw my homemade birthday card, but my mom and a few others are not on Facebook, so I'm sharing this again.

After I went to bed the night before my birthday, my husband and oldest son decided to make me a Birthday card out of glitter. 

What do you think, mom? :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

This "pond" forms in our front yard after a hard rain and after what seems like 14 long days of December rain. No, that's not a true calculation but it sure feels like it has been raining every day this December. In truth we may have had 2 or 3 days of a little bit of sunshine.

Our driveway is fit for mud loving swine.

Our road is totally unwalkable even with my Muck boots on.

(My spell check says unwalkable isn't a word. I disagree,)

See the rain drops falling down?

Seems another "pond" is forming by my gardens.

Even the dogs don't want to go out. I'm not even sure if that's Ike or Bear. The other dog is in the barn by Steve.

This is our backyard. It has a natural creek of sorts that travels through. But we don't usually see the water.

I think I will close the blinds, crank up the Christmas music, sing Let It Snow at the top of my lungs and start on my Christmas baking.

Speaking of crank, we talked to a friend (he wasn't cranky) last night who has lived up here all his life and he says he's never seen this much rain in the Upper Peninsula in December. He runs a business and he says it has certainly played a large part on the disposition of his customers. 

Joy to the World...

Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh Yooper Tree...

The last time Riley and Lindsey were here, they decided they wanted to bring home to Chicago a real Yooper tree for their Christmas tree.

We took a ride to our property and scouted for the perfect one and found it!

Steve and Riley here discussing how they are going to go about this...

Steve had grabbed an old sheet and rope from the garage before we left on our quest for the best.

So while the guys tied the tree to the roof of Riley's Jeep, Lindsey and Gus played frisbee while I took pictures. (Aren't I always?)

Then I took a family photo before they trekked the 7 hour trip back home. Hey, Gus, look this way...

And here it is all trimmed! 

I hope your Holiday trimming, shopping, and baking are coming along nicely for all of you out there. I don't need snow to understand the reason for the season, however, for those of us (like me) who live in an area that usually has snow around the holidays, it just seems to be a part of the season and makes my heart sing.

But I'm not complaining about this gorgeous weather we've been having in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's 43 degrees right now and the sun is shining and the dogs just raced past the window in their haste to chase a red squirrel.

I almost thought twice about hanging the sheets on the line today. I said to myself, whaaat, it's December 7.

So I threw them into the dryer.