Friday, July 18, 2014

Interlochen Olympic Triathalon 2014

Last weekend our son Riley participated in an Olympic Triathalon in the town of Interlochen, Michigan. Interlochen is home to an arts college. Apparently, Norah Jones, a famous singer songwriter, attended this college once upon a time. It is a beautiful little town with lush forests and lakes.

We camped with Riley and Lindsey in a rustic campground. The first night things got a little wet due to passing showers. The next day we hung things out to dry and headed off to the race first thing Sunday morning.

Riley left a little before us and we found him getting used to the water. The first part of the triathlon is a 1 mile swim.

Then there was a quick meeting about the dos and don'ts and rules, etc.

The swimming course is all ready to go.

Lindsey saying "Good Morning" to a neighborly dog...

...while Lindsey's family's dog, Bentley, looks on.

Getting ready for the swim.

And they're off...

Appointed people watch for anyone that may get into trouble and need help.

Finish line!! Now off to the transition area to get his bike.


Transition area.

NO one is allowed in except the race participants. It is very closely monitored.

Riley quickly peels off his wet suit and and gets into his biking gear.

And he's off...

Bikers go up and then come back the same way on this 25 mile route.

I almost missed the shot!

Drop off the bike and put on them running shoes...

The final finish line for the triathlon earlier in the morning was pretty quiet.

Riley at the finish line after a 6 mile run.

I'm tuckered out just looking at the time it took to do this triathlon.

High five with dad.

A pretty Lindsey and sweaty Riley.

Family hanging out while Riley relaxes.

Our campground was on a pretty lake called Green Lake. The lake Riley swam in for the race was Duck Lake. In the afternoon of race day, the sun came out and we took a walk to the shoreline and enjoyed the weather and each other's company.

And watched Steve swim.

In August, we will travel to Louisville, Kentucky, and watch and cheer on Riley when he will do a full Ironman Triathlon.

Way to go, Riley!!!

So proud of you!!!

Oh, and by the way, I got the shot...

...yea, that one.

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Very interesting pictures and very interesting family. Love them all mom