Monday, April 7, 2014

Lake De Smet and the Monster that Lies Beneath...

Lake De Smet is one of our favorite places to fish when the ice comes off at the end of this month. But as you can see that may take awhile. This is the south end of Lake De Smet and you are looking north. The north end is open but harder to fish. We took a ride the other day to Sheridan and saw ice fisherman on this end. On our way back home, Steve wanted to stop and see how deep the fishing holes were.

Of course he had helpers.

I want that house.

It comes with a ranch...

and cows...

and horses...

and I could fish anytime I wanted.

I could learn to ice fish.

There was still 16-17 inches of ice.

To the west of Lake De Smet are the Big Horn Mountains.

To the south rolling hills.

To the east there are cows.

There are cows everywhere.

And this is Bear telling us, in so many whines, that she is ready to go.

She heard the story about Smetty, the sea creature that inhabits the deep part of the lake.

To read more about Smetty and other legends, go to this website Lake De Smet - Wonders of Wyoming.

If you're up to it, and have an extra eight minutes, and don't mind lots of growling and screaming, here is a silly link to a video on the Lake De Smet Monster. You'll want to turn your volume down in the beginning because there is a lot of growling, and then up later when the commentator begins speaking because the sound isn't the best. Oh yeah, and there is some screaming. But no gore. 

Maybe if I get a clear picture of 'ole Smetty I can buy that house, and the ranch, and the horses, and the cows...

But no boat. I'll fish from the shore.

Crossing my fingers.

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