Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tahquamenon Falls in the Winter

I'll get to the Tahquamenon Falls in a moment...

We are back in the land where the elk, and the antelope, and the deer play.

Oh, and so do the dogs. They have been having a blast attempting to catch themselves a rabbit. We laugh while watching them stalk their way around the cabin, then off to wood piles and brush. But as you can see, it just plain tuckers them out!

Here is a blurry photo through the screened window of the two of them keeping their eyes open for scurrying rabbits. 

Yes, this was in the middle of a three day wind/snowstorm we experienced when we first got out here. So glad we beat it. We had plenty of supplies and just hunkered down for three days. But the good news out here in Wyoming is the snow doesn't stay! At least not at the foothills of the mountains. On day four it reached 50 degrees and we sat out on the deck.

But on the other hand, the mountains received 15-20 inches of snow yesterday. So if we want a snow fix, we just head west young man...

I was going through my pictures and didn't want to push aside the photos I took of the Falls just before we left to come here. 

Soon I'll start showing Wyoming photos. 

Remember Blue, our neighbor? Click here first to refresh your memory. Then check out Blue's winter attire...

This was taken this past Sunday. See how black he is? 

You can see remnants of yet another blast of snow but on this day, believe it or not, it reached 55 degrees though was quite windy.

Everyone got reacquainted...

Now on to the Falls...

It was a beautiful day for a walk. However, we didn't go all the way down the steps to get a close view. We had all of our snowmobile gear on. It was a cold day and I had on extra layers so I walked reeeel slow.

Lots and lots of snow.

See all of Steve's layers?

Doesn't Steve look hot?

Pretty through the woods

There they are! Not much water to see like in the summer time. To see them closeup in the summer click on this link - Majestic! Or you can take a peek behind the Falls by clicking here.

So much water and power...

...and so many gigantic icicles!

I'll leave you with an animated picture of what it looked like on Day 2 after we arrived in Wyoming. 

The house we watch over out here is in the distance and that is where Bill the cat resides. He is a very nice cat who enjoys our company and we enjoy his. And he's an amazing mouse catcher. As good as Bear, I think. But I don't think its a good idea to introduce them. 

No, not at all.

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