Friday, May 3, 2013

A Horse Named Blue

The other day, we met the neighbor.

A horse named Blue.

He was hanging out by his water trough, when he saw us coming down the road.

He decided to get a better look.

And I decided to zoom in and get a better look at him.
Handsome horse, isn't he?
Believe it or not, Blue is pitch black as tar during the winter months.

The dogs weren't too sure of this big creature. 
They immediately went from Steve's left to his right.
They had seen antelope, mule deer, and white tail deer.
This was something new...

Steve decided to introduce himself to 'ole Blue. Ike was all for it.
Bear was reluctant.

Next time we'll take a carrot or an apple. You just never know who you'll meet!

But we had this sneaking suspicion we were being watched.

Sure enough. By a group of mule deer!

Critter Sighting #752

They went on their way.

The mountain blue birds also watched us from their perches.

They're everywhere!

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