Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sky Art

I am convinced that if we were all given a blank canvas and attempted to paint a sky from scratch, they would all be perfect, because the very same sky we all look at everyday can transform into any unimaginable priceless piece of art as it designs with the elements of weather, science, and God.

Sunrise emerging out of Lake Huron

Down our road this past Fall

A hole in the sky

Lake effect snow clouds fight with the sun for dominance

Beam me up, Scotty?

Hulbert at sunset

All blue for as far as one can see over Lake Superior

All is quiet at dusk at the nearby Beaver Pond

Splashes of Pinks

Fluffy clouds over Sheep Mountain, Wyoming

Update: Things around here are looking much better but very cold. This morning we awoke to 3 degrees. Steve and another groomer are down at the groomer barn fixing a light on the groomer. Steve is going to groom tonight, and the trails will be groomed by someone else Saturday night. 

We have seen a few sledders go by. The trails aren't too bad, it's just getting in and out of town that remain to be a struggle. We are suppose to get 1 - 2 inches of new snow today, and received 2 inches yesterday, but north of here the Lake Superior shoreline should get up to 8 inches. Paradise will no longer look like the last post!! In our area, when the snow is all said and done, we should have close to 8 fresh inches of snow by tomorrow night!! Yay!!

(Drive safely Riley and Lindsey!)

Check out John Dee's long term graphic forecast for next week.

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