Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Blues...

How did we go from this... this? Above is the Paradise snowmobile trail as of Saturday. But now we hear that they have received some lake effect snow in the amount of 4 inches. Nice, but it still is going to take some time before the trails become smooth and ride-able.

Saturday the temperature hit 50 degrees and it was extremely windy with the wind coming from the west so no waves here looking east over Lake Superior.

Our trail held up pretty good but is in desperate need of more snow. The weatherman says the rest of the week should bring a few inches here and there.

Yesterday we went for a walk and discovered trees down on the trail...

...and puddles along the edge.

Rushing water,

creeks unfreezing,

and more trees down.

Steve did his best to clean up, but then came back later on his snowmobile with the chainsaw.

After our walk, Ike and Bear decided to do a little red squirrel hunting.

Do the snow dance!
 (In case you don't know how, it's kinda like the Snoopy dance.)

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