Friday, April 6, 2012

Four-Wheeling Again!

We took advantage of those warm weather days and went four-wheeling. 
Steve wanted to be in charge of the camera, so most of these pics include me.
(He probably thought I'd get it wet.)
I prefer a little less mud, but it was still a blast! 

Breaking through ice...

...and riding through the mud puddles on our road.

But, good news, our road doesn't look like that any more!
The county came in with dump truck loads of dirt and gravel.

So now we can walk to the mailbox again!

Everyone can!
 Including these two Sand Hill Cranes taking an afternoon stroll.
I had to slow down for them yesterday when I came home from work.

They weren't real nervous about sharing the road with me.
Eventually, they got out of the way and watched me pass by.

This is Easter weekend, today being Good Friday.
I hope all of you will be enjoying the holiday in the company of friends and family. Steve and I will miss sharing the day with our two sons who are out of state. I imagine some of you will be blessed with the opportunity to attend an Easter sunrise service. I thought I'd share a picture of a sunrise I enjoyed one morning on my way to work. It was beautiful watching the sun break through the clouds.

Happy Easter, Everyone!
He Is Risen!

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