Monday, January 2, 2012

A Winter Wonderland - Finally!

It started snowing yesterday morning and it hasn't stopped! 
Steve figures we have a good 9 inches of snow so far.

Yesterday afternoon we bundled up and went for a long walk with the dogs. 
I can't wait until there's enough snow to go snowshoeing!

Back by Steve's deer blind. And no, I didn't take this picture in black and white.
 But it looks that way, doesn't it?

Steve and I each have a large bale by our deer blinds to entice the deer to come out of the woods during the hunting season. Steve's bale is almost gone. This one is mine and reminded me of a manger of sorts. The animals made a tunnel through the bale on each side. I wonder what critter has taken up residency.

This is the scene today.

It will clear up for awhile. And then... pours down again.


Usually my dogs LOVE the snow, so I didn't understand why Ike was sitting in it, waiting for someone to let him in the garage. Afterall, there is a doggy door in the kennel that gives him access to the heated garage. But then I figured it out. Steve is working in the driveway, and Steve is Ike's favorite buddy so Ike must be keeping him company. Brrr!

This is Bear. 
She stopped looking for mice in the snow underneath my bird feeders long enough for me to take her picture.

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