Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horses, Fudge & Friends!

To celebrate our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary, Steve and I spent a few days on Mackinac Island in mid-October. When we left St. Ignace on the Shepler's ferry, it was a foggy Wednesday afternoon.

But the fog lifted enough when we reached the island to make me feel as if I'd been transported through time. Horse hooves clomped over the tar, and the smell of fudge lingered on the still air. Our luggage was picked up and delivered to the Island House, our home away from home for the next two nights, giving us time to lollygag on an unusually quiet main street before checking in.

They have their own live web cam on the porch which overlooks the marina and the docks where the ferry boats arrive and depart.

Halloween decorations were everywhere on the island.

And cornstalks lined the front of the Chippewa Hotel.

The flowers were very beautiful and in some cases, still front and center stage.

We walked up the hill to the Grand Hotel...

...and discovered this unique flower bed.
And the fall colors were still outstanding as well.

As beautiful as everything was, the best part of the trip was running into friends from downstate: some from our last church, and others from our school days. It was such fun catching up on the new, and laughing (sometimes cringing) about the past. And we even made a new friend - someone we'll never forget and will look up the next time we visit the island, hopefully meeting his wife as well! 

That's Mackinac Island: an island that brings the past and the present together in such a magical way we all can say we've experienced our own sense of Somewhere in Time.

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Susan Wuest said...

You love the Rocky Mountains but I can sure see why you stayed in Michigan! It is such a beautiful state and your blog is perfect for reminding me what I miss in my Home state. I will be coming soon to rent the "Grizzly". Looks like you have done a lot since my last visit there. You can be a photographer too if you should decide to - great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I have never looked at anyone's blog before - but you are special! Your Rocky Mountain Sis