Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Autumn!

I apologize to my regular readers for the prolonged absence. I caught a bug of sorts, or should I say it caught me, and it pulled me down for the count over the weekend.

I fell, and observed fall. Humph.

Sometimes it takes getting sick to force one to slow down and really witness the ever-changing colors. That's how it has seemed up here. One day I spot a splash of red in a maple, then by days end it blends with orange, to yellow, and voila! There is a palette of countryside colors everywhere! Even the green ferns have turned to the color of taupe I would gladly paint my walls. And then you have the purple of the wild asters that coincide beautifully. Would I have dared dreamed that color match up myself? I think there is a lot to be learned from nature.

And even the sky fights for attention this time of year. Nature in all of it's glory.

So for tonight's post, I'll share with you the pictures I have captured of fall's arrival and lengthy stay I hope. I'm not ready for the white stuff - just yet!

Enjoying supper on the St. Mary's River as a freighter glides by.

The sky wants in on the color swatch.

Hubby's deer blind.

View from the blind.

Hey, I want one, too!
<insert whine here>

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