Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lake Superior Beachin'

This past weekend was a spectacular summer weather weekend, so we took a ride to a Lake Superior beach. There was barely a breeze but the temperature was just right. We didn't do any kayaking or swimming or even wading because:

1. I'm a sissy and the water was too cold.

2. Steve cut his thumb on a table saw last week.

So we stayed bottom side down in our camo chairs and watched the dogs, birds, freighters, Canadian turbine windmills, and even got out of our camo chairs once or twice and went for a walk on the beach in search of driftwood per our taxidermy's request. He's in the process of mounting some fish for us.

The dogs must think this is the world's largest water dish.

A few beach flowers.

In search of driftwood.

The mouth of the St. Mary's River. Michigan is to the right. Canada is to the left.

Footprints and pawprints in the sand.

Just passing by..

A freighter in the haze.

Canada in the distance

I love summer!