Friday, April 3, 2015

Snowmobiling the Northern Big Horns

The Big Horn Mountains have an excellent snowmobile trail system. There is also lots of powder riding to be had if that is your thing. (One such person comes to mind instantly - our son, Riley.) The northern system and southern system connect, but on this day we decided to trailer to the northern trail system and do the southern section another day (like one week ago).

There are three lodges in the mountains that are situated within minutes of each other. Here we stopped at Elk View Inn for fuel and lunch.

Our next stop was at Bear Lodge Resort. This is an old unique bar and is always quite busy inside and out. Two years ago Steve and I rented snowmobiles from here on March 26. There was still plenty of snow in the hills. If you want, you can see that post here at Snowmobiling in the Big Horns. The third resort is Arrowhead Lodge. The trail took us right past it but I didn't stop for a picture. You can revisit the post Are We There Yet? for a few photos.

Lots of evidence that there are many snowmobilers, but Steve and I saw six snowmobiles while on the trails the whole day.

Steve was eyeing that hill up yonder.

And there he goes. He's that tiny speck in the middle of the photo.

He made it to the top.

And down he comes.

No, I'm not going to try it. I'm the picture takerer.

It's fun to come across an old cabin in the hills.

God's country for sure!!

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Shirley Vandyke said...

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