Monday, August 19, 2013

Finding the Perfect Boathouse for Two-Buck Duck

Recently we took Two-Buck Duck... the Les Cheneaux Islands. There are 36 islands in all, and this being our first time to tour them by boat, we were only able to circle a few by water in Two-Buck Duck as it was a breezy day. But we put a pretty good dent in our adventure and hope to go out again soon and conquer more area.

We put in at the Cedarville Marina and cruised around in the area of the yellow circle.

It was a picture perfect (unlike my crooked toes) hot summer day with hardly a cloud in the sky...

...well, except two.

There were many other boats and people taking advantage of the grand U.P. summer day (you have to grab them when you can!).

Two-Buck Duck rubbin' elbows with the big boys.

The Les Cheneaux Islands have many interesting boathouses. Some may be newer, and some you can tell come with a lot of history. I didn't caption the following pictures, but keep your eyes open for the old wooden boats in some of the boathouses.

My sunburned Captain Steve who did an excellent job keeping the boat steady while I took pictures!

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