Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

It has been busy! I'm sure you all are experiencing the same at some level. For my family and me, this year is very different from Christmas's past. The move and the packing and unpacking...of course I can't remember everything even if I do write it all down. But we laugh it off and make due. This is the first year in 30 that we don't have a real tree set up for ourselves and our two sons. We made due at our son's house (He bought our house when we moved to the UP) and are adjusting to an artificial tree that I keep set up all year round but not in Christmas style. We've all traveled far to get together for the holiday and with our various schedules, a real tree would have been inconvenient this year. So for this post I thought I would show you all the trees that have adorned our Christmas parties and visits to family.

When we loaded everything up to head downstate, there was a little bit of snow in the UP.

The water sparkled as we crossed the Mackinac Bridge.

Christmas at my brother's house - It was a wonderful day!

And their beautiful Christmas trees!

My mother's beautiful trees!

Our make due tree!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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